Old is New again, as Le Côté Français Maison weaves threads of History into the pattern of your lifestyle.


Chinoiserie Toile Accent Pillows on Zebra Sofa Webster+Co Estero


In a market saturated with mass-produced goods,  our one-stop  atelier offers couture craftsmanship, exceptional customer service and thoughtful, sustainable design in limited production soft furnishings.

Whether through gusseted accent pillows that  contrast baroquely escapist French toile with a Retro-geometric pattern in bold hues worthy of David Hicks’ approval, or  reversible linen / velvet throws juxtaposing damask with plaid silk-taffeta, framed in brilliant jewel-toned piping, our pieces punctuate your interior with engaging  style.

Our uniquely luxurious  Pillows, Throws, Table Linens, and Bedding combine antique, vintage, and contemporary fabrics with sophisticated verve.  By special order, we replicate many of our  old textiles to provide you with a full range of coordinating  Linens.


Belen Moreno-Bosch

Belen Moreno-Bosch and “Reine” Accent Pillow

Le Côté Français Maison founder/owner, Belen Moreno, holds a B.A. from Barnard College in Theatre Arts, and a B.S. in Interior Design  from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale.  Based in New York,  she has lived between  New York, Florida, Latin America and Europe, having worked at Sothebys, Roche-Bobois, Grange, served as Cultural Attachée to Switzerland, and the international promotion of emerging and known artists’ work.

Belen designs for elegantly edgy  tastes, in provocative combinations, drawing inspiration from a Theatre background, the Visual Arts, and the historical dress and textiles of many cultures  to develop the different collections.

LCF Maison Upcycled international Textiles Made in the USA

The Collections:


L’Art du Coussin: is a Limited Edition Art Series showcasing a selection of original works printed on fabric by artists Jean Claude Brasset (France),  Marjolein Van der Sluis (The Hague),  Bartus Bartolomes (France),  and FigureMimages (Switzerland).We were recently commissioned by French furniture company Rue Monsieur Paristo create accent pillows from Marjan Denkov‘s artwork for their “Moonlight “Collection.

Côte D ‘Azur : evokes seaside chic à la French Riviera

Provence: celebrates the sensuous variety of the Provence  region

Versailles: charms in the spirit of  18th century courtly frivolity

Jardin: enchants with references to herbs and flowers of France

Orientales: alludes to varied Asian influences on French culture through the centuries

54: revisits the disco glamour of  the Studio 54 era

Septantes: revives the  funky 1970s years

Delaunay:  focuses on color and geometry

Vie en Rose: pays tribute to great French singers

Sérénité: presents antique/vintage and new fabrics in calming, neutral compositions

Noir et Blanc:  interprets our old meets new/ aesthetic in dramatic black, white and gray hues

Let Them Eat Toile : combines antique toile and new patterns for the bourgeousie


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Antoinette Bleu Marjolein Van der Sluis Art Throw and Coordinating Pillow

“Antoinette Bleu” by Artist Marjolein Van der Sluis exclusively for LCF Maison



LCFMaison for Rue Monsieur Paris Moonlight  Collection Fall 2013

LCFMaison for Rue Monsieur Paris Moonlight Collection 2013



FigureMImages for LCF Maison "Plensa Vendome" Pillow

FigureMImages for LCF Maison “Plensa Vendome” Pillow

FigureMImages "Plensa Vendome" for Limited Edition Accent Pillow

FigureMImages “Plensa Vendome”  Limited Edition Accent Pillow


Bartus Bartolomes Triomphe III Limited Edition Accent Pillow

Bartus Bartolomes Triomphe III Limited Edition Accent Pillow